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Seasonal Camping Information

We have a select few seasonal spaces. Contact the Park Office at 1-800-998-0959 for information.

Reservations and Policies

  • Returning residents must notify the park office with their intended arrival date and a $100 deposit no later than February 1st each year.
  • Reservations are not transferable, and no subleasing is allowed.
  • We try to honor specific site requests, but do not guarantee them.
  • We reserve the the right to re-assign campsites as needed.
  • One-month stays do not guarantee the same site the next year.
  • With a minimum 2-month stay, a partial month will be prorated within a continuous stay.
  • If you stay before or after your continuous monthly committment is fulfilled, you are required to pay a nightly or weekly camping fee.
  • If you stay May 1st to October 15th and pay in full by June 1st you receive a 3% discount with cash or check.
  • Standard monthly sites require a 3-month continuous stay at the peak rate in order to qualify for on-site storage at a rate of $72 a month for the other 9 months. The season rate for a standard site is $3674.00.
Monthly Rates 2019
Site type

June 15th to , October 1st

May- June 15th & Oct to close
Electric & Water
3 month+ stay
$685 $585
2 month stay
$735 $635
1 month stay
$785 $685
Standard Site Electric, Water & Sewer
3 month+ stay
$735 $635
2 month stay
$785 $685
1 month stays
$835 $735
Premium Site Electric, Water & Sewer
3 month+ stay
$795 $695
2 month stay
$845 $745
1 month stay
$895 $795


Year Round Seasonal Resident
Site Use Policy

  • No site alterations are allowed.
  • One 4' x 6' platform allowed per door with staff approval required before construction. Exceptions may be made for health or safety reasons.
  • Outside storage bin must be manager approved, total dimensions not to exceed 150 cubic feet; must be removed, or placed inside at the end of the season.
  • Carpet allowed 1' larger than awning with 3' wide runner to second door.
  • Site alterations not allowed including moving or adding soil, turf, rocks, or cobblestone, exceptions may be made for grass rejuvenation with manager approval.
  • Flowers and plantings allowed in moveable pots totaling no more than 10 square feet.
  • Decorative or other wood total square foot dimension no larger than 10 square feet.
  • All items on site must not impact surrounding sites or interfere with site maintenance as determined by park staff.
  • No park models - all campers must be moveable, licensed and set non-permanently.
  • Previous site use policies still in effect
    1. One camping unit and small tent per site.
    2. Units must park in campsite as site is designed.
    3. All LP tanks must be secured.
    4. Sewer rings are required.

Off-Season Storage Policy

  • Three months continuous stay, at peak rates, is required for on-site storage on standard monthly sites. The 12-month plan for standard sites costs $3674.00
  • Prime waterfront (81-91 and 97-100) and Premium sites 41-49, 51-53, 61-63, 66-70, 92-96 and 22W -28W require the 12-month plan for on-site storage. The cost per year for premium sites is $4232.00.
  • Camping unit with one vehicle or boat or canoe is $72 dollars a month. Each additional vehicle, watercraft is $25 a month.
  • Only certified firewood allowed with 1/4 cord (4' x 4' x 2') maximum.
  • Outdoor items including grills, lawn furniture, knick knacks, flower pots, decorations, decorative wood, etc. must be stored in, under or alongside camper upon leaving for the season. Under camper storage for seasonally used items only.
Please leave your site clean and orderly during off-season. The campground encompasses public parklands used and enjoyed by city residents and visitors year round. When leaving, sites must be left clean and in good condition for future users.

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